Dr, Eng, Mrs. Roseline Adah Chenge: The Bridge Benue State Urgently Needs

Dr.Eng AdaIt is not yet clear to the eagle-eyed observer of the deep waters of Benue State politics, if the personality that has become the “source of hope” in the minds of stakeholders knows it yet. Dispassionate pundits who are familiar with the facts and figures that will always come to play, and in fact, determine the results of Benue State’s democratic elections in the nearest future are of the fact-based opinion that there is a divine providence on Benue State’s political horizon through the public figure.

The personality who is yet to accede to the mounting calls by various groups to run for the forth-coming governorship of Benue State race is Dr, Eng, Mrs. Roseline Adah Chenge, who many quietly refer to as the “unassuming-first-amongst-equals” in intellectual and leadership circles.

Those who know her professional and leadership antecedences and juxtapose them with the simmering political environment in the state are agreed on the point that if Benue State is to stand united in socio-economic progress, political justice and fairness, then she must be prevailed upon to  accept the massive calls by divergent groups for her to run for the office of the governor of the state come 2015.

Unarguably, the most important political issue in Benue State today remains the one of political marginalization which the two major ethnic groups that populate the state often marshal out justification points with great passion to support their view-points.

The Idoma people of the state, both in the diasporas and at home, individually and in blocks of professional and development-focused groups are united in their cries against years of political marginalization by their Tiv co-inhabitants of the state. They insist they have run out of explanations for their children and youths when asked how come no Idoma man or woman has ever been elected or appointed to the office of the Governor, Speaker, or Chief Judge of the state since its creation.

The same shame-faced silence is the case on the issue of the absence of socio-economic infrastructural development in their father-land, with the visible exception of the last few years of the Gabriel Suswan administration which is beginning to open up Idoma land through road-networks. Idoma elites and political foot-souldiers there-fore view 2015 as the year of Political Justice in Benue State which, in their view, should mean their Tiv brothers conceding the governorship seat to them under an arrangement that can only be driven by persuasion and total embrace of the doctrine of Justice and fairness.


On the other hand, hard-nosed political jauganaults of Tiv extraction are on record to vehemently object to what they refer to as the “Idoma sentiments” on political leadership in the state. They furiously point at what they call “the imbalance of federal opportunities for Benues State” which, they say, Idoma people have “packed” for only themselves with crafty fingers as if those opportunities were their traditionally prefared okoho soup.

They point at the record-breaking tenor of the Senate President and the employment-parastatals-infested Federal Ministry of Interior bestridden by another Idoma man. They bravely push the arguement that what the Idoma man looses on the platform of political dominion in Benue State, he adequately recovers at Abuja. In their view, the 14:9  Local Government Areas imbalance against Idoma people  is not their making and so they are not to be expected to easily give away the political opportunity it offers the Tiv nation.


Quiet investigations and researches carried out by Wind-Sound Africa amongst Tiv and Idoma intellectuals in Jos, Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos outside the state as well as Makurdi, Otukpo, Gboko and Kastina-Ala in the state have proved that Idoma nation and their Tiv brothers urgently need a unifying human bridge across the gaping political divide between them. Such a bridge has to be in the form a tested and trusted person.

A political technocrat in Jos who is an eloquent Public Affairs Analyst told Wind-Sound Africa that the situation in Benue needs friendship and negotiation for confidence to germinate and bloom. He said there is a hand of God in the attitude of those calling for the present first woman General Manager of Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority Dr. Eng Mrs Adah Chenge to run for the governorship of the state.

When asked to further expand on his ground of reasoning, he said, ” I have understudied her performances at Benue State Water Board and the River Basin Development Authority. She commands trust and respect through performance. She is a first class thinker with a Mechanical Engineering degree and most important of all, she is a prayerful mother of children married to an equally respected Engineer from a respected Tiv family.

She also enjoys the confidence of Idoma leaders and elders as evidenced in her very recent award of the effusively expressive traditional title of  “Ohor Nge Wya of Idoma-land” which literally translates to mean ” the one the people trust”. The Tivs would have every reason to trust her in view of her antecedences. She is the urgently needed bridge.”


The question that our respondents found perplexingly stressful to answer is the one that has everything to do with the Idoma man himself. Have the mushrooming number of candidates learnt any lesson from the past ?


Another question which needs an urgent answer is if The Bridge in the person of Eng Chenge ready to run? Or is she intimidated by the array of male candidates?

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