Good Governance In Africa:

Chief Paulinus Agada Igba,Others Reciieve Honorary Doctorate Degrees From American University

By Matthew Abah

The strive for good governance on the African sub-region took central stage at the University of? Lagos Conference Hall on 27th April? 2013 where thirteen Nigerians were conferred with honorary degrees in various fields of life by Pacific Western University, Denver,State of Colorado, USA . Chief Paulinus ??Agada Igba, a public servant, labor leader and president of Ugbugbu Pathfinders, a community-based non-governmental organization was among those honored with the award.? Mr. Ochapa Ogenyi, a role model in journalism and public service, Hon Francis Otta Agbo a grassroot political leader ,Justice Francis Fedile Tabai, a retired Supreme Court jugde and a retired?General?were among other selected Nigerians whose services to the public were recognized and ?conferred with the honorary degrees.



Speaking at the event ?hosted by Lead Time Africa Magazine which the University uses to search for credible Africans for the award, professor Solomon Ogbeide who stood in for the chairman of the event said Africa?s developmental problem is rooted in the lack of leaders who lead by good leadership examples . He said this is why the University, through the Standard Joint Evaluation Council and Lead Time Africa Magazine carefully searches the nooks and crannies of Nigeria to select deserving citizens who have impacted their various publics with quality leadership for the award as a way of encouraging them to do more and make the general public realize that they are being watched, no matter what area of life they are serving

Paulinus Agada Igba is a self-effacing community and labor leader whose impacts on the lives of the people of his immediate social environment is spoken of with hushed respect. As a labor leader, he is known to have? been extremely passionate about the welfare of his union members when he held active office and ?the welfare packages he is credited to have courageously wrestled out of the grips of various? managements ?for his members? created records. His times as labor leader were devoid of incessant strikes ?which was a pointer to the conservative touch to his leadership style. As a community leader, Dr Igba is credited to have been instrumental to the rise from grass to grace of many sons and daughters of poverty retarded families in his home-town.

Dr. Ochapa Ogenyi on his part is on recoed to have used his journalism profession? to prove to all who know him that the sky can be the limit of success and philanthropy if one puts one?s mind to it. From his youthful journalism-practicing days with era-leadind Newswatch magazine when he globe-trotted with Nigeria?s ruling families, to his colorful years in his state and federal civil service where he still serves as a director and reforms arrow-head, Dr, Ogenyi has eloquently proved to his people that sharing the fruits of hard work and success is his life-mission and can be achieved even from outside the political soap-box.



Dr. Francis Otta Agbo is a quintessential? grassroot people empowerment warrior whose footprints are all over the place in his home Benue state. He is credited to be a risk-taker when it comes to the economic where-withal of his people and this has engendered a water-tight relationship between him and his people.

All the awardees are married with families, some of which members were present at the event beaming with pride while others who were unavoidably absent were said to be busy laying the carpets for the awardees? ?colourfull reception back at their various homes across the country.














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