From left, Ad'Idoma of Plateau, Chief Barr. Leonard Adejor, Alex Oketa, Convener of the Reconciliation Meeting and Eng. Batholomew Abiche, President of ICDA, Jos branch.

From left, Ad’Idoma of Plateau, Chief Barr. Leonard Adejor, Alex Oketa, Convener of the Reconciliation Meeting and Eng. Batholomew Abiche, President of ICDA, Jos branch.

Saturday, June 25th, 2016, is a day history is expected to record as a significant one in the lives of Idomas resident on the Plateau and indeed in the homeland. It was the day a select group of their sons, under the Chairmanship of Mr Alex Oketa, an unassuming powerhouse of humbled wisdom, convened a meeting which brainstormed for endless hours to restore lasting peace and reconciliation between their two most senior personalities who had hitherto, been put asunder by divisive communication problems.

Chief Barr Leonard Adejor, the Ad’Idoma of Plateau state and Eng. Batholomew Abiche, President of Idoma Community Development Association, Plateau branch, two very respectable and development-minded personalities who contributed selflessly to each other’s elevation to the positions they presently occupy had unfortunately been penetrated by agents of orchestrated miss-information and dis-information leading to costly communication break-down between the two of them, until that day.

The Idoma nationality are people from the lower Benue region of Nigeria who have been recognized as national salvation warriors during Nigeria’s times of challenges at the national security front, economic policy formulation and democratic institutional sustenance. A cream of them resident on the Plateau provide the torch-light of progressive development for their home land in particular and Nigeria in general.

In Plateau state, in the past time-space no one could put his finger on, an ingénues divisive project was hatched and executed by yet unidentifiable agents between the two in such ways that the relationship between them had become too cold and made the Idoma adage of the unwise man who gleefully asks casket bearers from his home town if all were well back home, a food for thoughts.

However, the Oketa Group persuaded the two to open up on this Saturday morning, “for the sake of Idoma Voice on the Plateau and Idoma cohesion against forces of extermination in the homeland” according to Mr. Oketa in his opening plea. Under determined persuasion, the two opened up to each other and members of the group. At the end if it all, a triumphant ending to an odious invasion by the devil against a peace-loving Community was achieved. Peace and Harmony were restored between the two and the harm that would have resulted not just from the two parties but from Idoma North and Idoma West as planned by agents of division were chased away.

It was a moment of emotional outpouring as the two vowed to work even harder for the progress and unity of Idomas on the plateau and in the homeland.

Those present at the historical brainstorming session besides Chief Barr. Adejor and Eng Abiche, the two reconciled parties and the convener/Chairman of the Group Mr Alex Oketa, included the Alapa of Idoma on the Plateau, Chief Barr. John Musa, the immediate past President of Idoma Community Development Association, Evangelist Innocent Akor, President of Idoma North Development Association, Jos, Mr.Johnson Musa, President of Western Idoma Development Association, Jos, Mr. Matthew Abah, Abel Ukwali, Chief Candidus Elaigwu, DSP Danjuma Audu(rtd), Francis Adanu, Sunday Ali, Benjamin Igoche, James Ochai, Peter Ogboji and Oko Ekere.

After the memorable event, Idomas on the Plateau and all its umbrella organizations now look forward to a bounding leap into the future.

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