The Federal University of Health Sciences Otukpo, Benue State, Middle Belt Nigeria is a project whose conception and delivery pangs are confirmations of God’s consistently great disposition towards all disadvantaged peoples, states, regions and continents in the annals of time. As usual, however, He uses individuals and institutions as HIS instruments of delivery. It is certainly not a co-incidence that it is this time of historically domineering, wealth-vanquishing and economic power snubbing meteor called COVID 19 universal pandemic that has acted as time mark for choosing the pioneer leadership of Africa’s Existential Salvation Army citadel of training for medical practitioners.. This is in view of the very curious incantations that have taken place between the world’s two leading economic super-powers, America and China, on the origin, complexions and intents of COVID19; as if one is angry at the other for getting to achieve the evil genius before the other could do so. The fact that the two have gotten the worst ends of the devastation, while Africa, to the consternation of all suspectable masquerade’s has been crowned with invincible protection is not an accident. This is the WILL of God that must be appropriately placed in the minds of men on the matter of a pioneer Federal University of Health Sciences in the Middle region of Africa’s most populous nation. The question no nation is yet ready to bell the cat who will ask it is: has the world actually turned its back on airborne (chemical) weaponry? In times like these, a University of health sciences amounts to the hands of God.

Gen. Mohammadu Buhari: President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

All the building blocks that have combined to unleash themselves on the minds of individual power wielders and (on) institutions of state to produce this result need good attempts at being recognized even while avoiding personality praise songs. Idoma nation, the host community of this medical training citadel has produced  gallant personal risk takers during Nigeria’s nationhood building battles  more than any other nationality with similar population strength. The University is a product of gallant democratic battles and therefore democratic governance in Nigeria is the port of first anchorage for recognition and appreciation. Democratic governance has found relative stability in Nigeria for the past two decades. It has however come under palpable threats during which selfless and bold rallying of democratic institutions saved the day. Specifically, the institution came face to face with possible truncation when late President Musa Yar’Adua was hospitalized for a length of time that created a risky leadership vacuum in 2010. The situation almost accessioned a Military take-over of political power. The historically popular Doctrine of National Necessity was rallied up to salvage what used to be called our nascent democracy. The leadership that bestrode the National Assembly and ensured it spoke with one voice when the underlying interests were woven with monumental risks was provided by Idoma nation, name not necessary.

When the host community of the present University of Health Sciences, Otukpo, was granted a deserved similar honour in 2014 and the people celebrated, the federal government, after an inter-party power transfer in 2015, sited a number of reasons and aborted the project. The people licked their wounds in deference to democratic governance.

Then the same mind that supervised the usage of the Doctrine of Necessity to full advantages during the Yar’Aduar debacle, after leading the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for a historically edifying eight years retuned to the Senate as an elder statesman with a silent mission, this time not as its president. While the public marvelled disquietly at his dignified silent posture during routine debates at the red chambers, he dedicated his time and political sagacity to the making, smoothing out, presentation and unequaled passage of the Senate Bill for the Establishment of the Federal University of Health Sciences, Otukpo in the years between 2015 and 2019. The presentation, readings, debates and passage of the bill were done with the dignity deserved only by a political don with proven conservatism. The Establishment Bill is the spiritual soul that transcended to the creation of the University The political fluidity that ensured the validation and executive cooperation towards the establishment of the University under a political environment with a tendency for Spatanic valour against opposition party sponsored development projects is a resounding amplification of extra-political party diplomacy and friendliness good for Nigeria and Africa.

Mal. Adamu Adamu
             Nigeria Minister of Education

The sanctity of the University’s birth and growth is embedded in the soils of its locality and roots of its pioneer leadership. A relatively under populated nationality with an intimidating figure of 700 professors, according to statistics of many years back, made up of successful pioneer Vice Chancellor’s of far flung Universities such as the  Wukari University and performance mile stones

  like that of eswhile Keffi University VC among myraids of other icons of Ivory Towers are rains that have watered the grounds for the University of Health  Sciences, albeit unknowingly.

Prof. Innocent Ujah, Pioneer VC, Federal University of Health Sciences Otukpo.

However, the crux of the matter is the International status of the University situated on the continent that needs it most at this critical moment of human history and development struggles. International Best Practices Standard is what Professor Innocent A.O. Ujah nurtured and left at the National Institute of Medical Research, Lagos during the years he provided leadership there. The Research Institute acquired an international fame, research patents and expansion such as it never gained before and has struggled to hang on to that height after his departure The professor of obstetrics and gynecology has also brought novel professional and ethical innovations of high standard to bear on the Department he presides over at the University of Jos Teaching Hospital where he has served as peak level Consultant for years until his present timely and well deserved appointment.

It is in view of all the preceding reasons that Idoma nation (the host community), Benue State, Middle Belt Nigeria and all of Africa should be praying to God to, in His infinite mercy and wisdom, crown all who He has used to bring this Ivory Tower to be; energize and fortify the pioneer leadership with proven premium performance and imbue the host community’s sons and daughters with Socratic wisdom to make Africa proud of Federal University of Health Sciences, Otukpo, all to His glory.

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