The Quest For Improved Primary/ Maternal Health Care Delivery System In Bauchi State: -The Inestimable Value Of Grassroot Leadership – By Matthew Abah-Enyi

At a sensitization meeting between offcials of UNICEF Nigeria, experienced technocrats and the Council Caretaker Chairmen, hammer-heads were squarely placed on the head of the nails on the issue of the importance of a functional Primary Health Care Delivery System in any grassroot community that seeks to occupy competitive leadership positions with its counterparts in a national peer-grouping or the emerging Global Village environment.

While praising the record-breaking attendance by the Caretaker Committee Chairmen who were all in personal attedance, the UNICEF Bauchi Field Official, Olosunde Oluseyi gave copious reasons why the maternity and infant healthcare content of any national primary healthcare delivery system can make or mar the economic future of any defined geo-peolitical entity. From the physical growth of a child, the brains inclusive, to their personal confidence and worldview, the future of the child is usually relatable to the kind of Primary and Infant Health care delivery policy that was in place for him or her during the indidual’s formative years. He drew attentions to the high and low points of the state in the various departments of key performance indices, while concluding that the present crop of Caretaker Chairmen had proved to be role models of the most ideal system.

Addressing the very central problem of an effective structure to facilitate the delivery of an ideal policy system, an experienced technocrat, Pharmacist Tahir, the former Director General of Gunduma Health System, explained to the raptly listening attendees that the success of the best policy documents on any given developmental issue lyes in its effective application and urged the Chairmen to at all times insist on due process being followed at all times in the implementation of the policy documents that would be given to them on the system.

Others who delivered Structural Definition focused papers include Pharmacist U.S Adamu, former Commissioner for Health, Niger State who cast illuminating lights on Local Government Health Management Team: Composition, Responsibilities and Operational Guidelines, and Plinary Discussion on the way forward for Establishment of Structures which was lucidly delivered by Pharmacist Adamu Gamawa, former Chairman of Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Authority.

Roburst engagements between the Caretaker Committee Chairmen and the Technocrats who led the Policy Formulation and Implementation dialogue marked the end of the sensitization talkshop which took place at the spacious Conference hall of Lamonde Hotel, in Jos, Plateau State.


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